Our objective is peace and harmony. We want to live peacefully, maintain forthcoming & cordial relations with our neighbours in the region and with the world at large through cultural exchange & business ventures in person & kind“, being true to the calling of Muhammad Ali Jinnah – our Quaid and Pakistan’s Founder.



  • Creativity: SF takes strength from its roots and securely believes in looking forward to innovate with creativity that gores in step with Future while attached to the traditions.
  • Integrity: SF firmly believes in ethics of financial, moral and professional integrity in its vocation with all of its stakeholders. SF would never indulge in any practice that may violate any trust issues in terms of quality, craftsmanship, pricing and business ethics. It is SF’s resolve to remain true to the   brand and never to shirk away from its commitment to maintain product quality and clients trust.
  • Smile: “A smile is a curve sets everything straight” is the mantra SF prefers while interacting with its valued clients because it fits the lock of everybody’s SF believes in compassion and positivity.
  • Team Work: SF is and functions as a well harmonize team. In Team SF, there is no “I” but a well synchronized effort in every aspect and at every level.


  • The cultural and economic dynamics of modern age Pakistan and their integration in the Global Community particularly through the exchange visits at individual, delegates or commercial level for sharing similar interests.
  • It initially includes our captivating arts & crafts, divine country side for tourism adventure, leather products, adeptly chosen spices adding flavor to life and second to none beauty products while also provide an umbrella to other interested entrepreneurs to optimally utilize the platform of SAKAFAT.


Understandably, high spirits, passion and a resolve to make SF a success needs due clear-sightedness and patronage from Pakistani partisans. Team SF believes that inclusiveness of our clients is fundamentally vital to making our passionate effort a success!

Team SF is for Laughter, Beauty and Good Fortune! Tastefully it is only because SAKAFAT is Culturally Yours. Gear up! Lets explore and cherish the bounties of life!!

Team SF believes in Optimism. And Brand PAKISTAN is optimism!