Team Sakafat visit to Qasim Ali Shah Foundation

The core teams of Sakafat Forever and Business Association for Cooperation with Pakistan met world renowned motivational speaker, practical educationist, success coach and leader Qasim Ali Shah at his office. Shah has been holding talks, seminars and conferences to guide common people especially youth. Through his speeches, Shah has inspired thousands helping them make right decisions, to tackle different issues, to survive life in general, to cope with depression, to aim high and to spend a goal-oriented life.

Famous for his humble nature and soft-speaking, Shah has running Qasim Ali Shah Foundation in Lahore. Through this platform the coach has given lectures and providing courses for different careers mainly focusing on self search. Giving different directions, Shah is famous among youngsters for his approach and directions.

During the meeting, Shah appreciates the work of Sakafat Forever. Sharing the details, Sakafat team told the motivational speaker that the organization want to promote cultural colors of Pakistan across the world. The team told him that through local products including pottery, bags, shoes, brass-made decoration pieces, camel skin and ivory items, blue pottery and other domestic crafts, the local traditions are set to be exported. It was also shared that through ancient history in the country i.e. Indus Valley Civilization, the lost past of Pakistan will be shown to the world through this platform. The tourism is another major aspect being promoted by the Sakafat and through different exchange programs, the foreigners will be welcomed to Pakistan and shown different shades, from mountains to deserts, to rivers to history to them. Sharing the business aspect of Sakafat, the team told Shah that this platform will support new entrepreneurs so that they can expand their businesses to the globe.

During the meeting, Shah appreciated Sakafat’s vision of highlighting soft image of Pakistan and providing a credible platform to entrepreneurs of Pakistan to establish and strengthen their businesses ties in Russia and Central Asian States. He also hailed SF for its efforts in the promotion of arts & crafts, culture, cuisine and tourism of Pakistan.

Shah emphasized that promotion of soft image of Pakistan was need of time and offered all possible support in this noble endeavor. He also extended his support to the venture stating that it is a great initiative and should be encouraged and promoted not only in Pakistan but also in the world because of its importance and need in this time period because of negative propaganda against Pakistan.

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