In an effort to promote Pakistani culture

An effort to promote Pakistani culture!

In an effort to promote Pakistani culture and norms, Sakafat Forever has been working tirelessly. Keeping its goal in mind the organization has released a song showing the true shades, colors, traditions, people, and customs of the country. The song sang by Khawar Sajjad, written by Abbas Aziz Haideri and arranged and produced by ‘The Team Films’ is a true representation of what Pakistan is. With a catchy upbeat, the song tell about Pakistan’s true identity and colors in a beautiful way.

The song starts how we, the Pakistanis, have a uniqueness and we are country of all colors, means religious, ethnicities, and races which makes us different from the whole wide world.  The song goes on to talk to about the discipline, hospitality and peace loving people of Pakistan.

The poet then writes about the breathtaking sceneries across the country which includes stunning mountains, majestic rivers and magnificent deserts. From the sceneries, he moves on to the colorful, historic and soil-rich festivals of the country.

Then, the song praises the local food which is a treat for taste buds of every individual. Followed by the food there is line about local sports and then comes all the regions, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, which  makes Pakistan one unit.

The poet then goes on to talk about the people, peace, high dreams of every Pakistani and tranquility across the country. Through these lines, the poet showcases a peaceful, loving and hospitable country that cares not only about each other but also of others.

The music of the song is fusion of traditional and western instruments and the flute especially has been played beautiful in the number.

Furthermore, the video of the song has been shot from mountains to historic points of Lahore and Sheikhupura, to the awe striking landscape of deserts of the country.

 The video produced and directed by Rana Farooq of ‘The Team Films’ shows all the natural, cultural, historic and traditional colors of Pakistan. Through state of the art production and art creation, TTF has revealed the beauty of Pakistan, showing every aspect of the country. The video illustrates true face of Pakistan which is vibrant, happening, stunning with people full of love and passion.

The song demonstrates what Pakistan is, in three minutes and forty seconds and proves to be a treat for your eyes and ears.

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