Pakistani Handicraft-A Treasure Trove

Appreciate and treat yourself with the tremendous specialties of Pakistan- A country that is a paradise for amazing crafts. The colossal craftsmanship is much renowned as the traditional recognition of Pakistan. Creating handicrafts has always been a tradition of Pakistan, and this art is being practiced for thousands of years. Even the ancient valleys like Mohejnjo-Daro, Harrapa, and Indus Valley excavated in Pakistan have been observed following this beautiful art. The features that separate Pakistani handicrafts from others are its versatile textures, fascinating embroideries, and magnetizing shades. Remarkably, the making of handicrafts is cultural as different regions of Pakistan own their specific heritage, and each style is unique in its particular manner. Pakistan is blessed with many outstanding artisans that have done brilliant jobs in this field. They are very skillful and talented, especially when it comes to designing, weaving, pottery, embroidery, and printing. These artisans are masters.

Areas Where the Creativeness dwells

Northern Pakistan has always been a phenomenal part of the state that has the best traditional decorative goods and items. Hunza is known as the piece of paradise and is quite famous for its friendly people and their hospitality. But there’s something more to it which makes it this special and that is the wooden pottery. Carves and bowls are entirely hand made and are the unique sections of Hunza heritage. The fantastic traditional handbags, caps, and doorbells are what an art liver needs to see. The woman artisans in Hunza awesomely work on embroidered bags and wallets that effectively reflect their phenomenal skill and hard work.

Sargodha has a small town called Sillanwali that offers tremendous woodwork handicrafts. These excellent pieces are so in demand that they’re exported not only within the country but globally as well. Billions love these handmade crafts. ‘Chaba’ is another top-rated handmade product that is used mainly in rural areas of Punjab and Sindh. This utensil is used to serve bread (chapatti). Multan is known for its exceptional handicrafts interestingly made of camel bones. Camel bones are experimentally long-lasting and are highly favored when it comes to crafting. Different kinds of pottery products are beautifully decorated with fantastic mirror art in Multan as well as Southern Punjab.

Multan And the Blue Pottery

Multan is known as the largest handicraft manufacturing city in Pakistan. Along with many other products, Multan is also famous for its blue pottery craft. Muhammad Bin Qasim introduced this tremendously amazing blend of Persian, Chinese, and Iraqi art with the help of the artisans from these regions who came with him. Earlier, this art reflected the Persian culture, although now its matured and refined enough and has developed its full-fledged extraordinarily unique style of its own. Because of the warm ambiance of Multan, the artisans mainly use blue and white colors for painting purposes. The most frequently used patterns are Traditional Multani kasha, Gori design, TRD, Angori design. Antiques that are observed painted in brown, white, blue, golden terracotta red, and lime green. Improvements in pottery patterns have increased its demand among users. Calligraphy was once only used for the architectural decoration but now is high in trend and is used on decoration plates and other routine embellishing products. Blue pottery is now highly in patterns and is taken as a symbol of royalty and elegance. It can now be seen in the gorgeous architecture as ornamental tiles, utensils, home decors, and also for the dining. Read more about the blue pottery art in our Ancient Blue Pottery blog at the SF website. You can also shop your favorite handicrafts on clicking the link below.

Inspiring Art of Pakistani Handicrafts

In this blog, you’ll read about the most favorite traditional art and craft items that reflect the passion and skills of the talented artisans. The fantastic craft is a total eye-opener for art lovers and surely is something worth knowing.



Matka that is also known as the earthen pot isn’t only accessible in Pakistan but also equally famous in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. It is used for water storing purposes and helps in keeping the water cool in summers. This is a frequently used domestic product regardless of social status. It also has some references proving that there’s ‘Shifa’ in the water stored in earthen pots.

Camel Lamps

These camel skins made lamps are incredible in appearances and are one of the unique handicrafts of Multan. The manufacturing process of these charming lamps includes the washing of the camel’s skin first and then cleaning and molding it to the desired shape. After attaining the perfect form, it’s painted with different colors. Another reason for these lamps being used as the decoration pieces is the Multani culture depicted on them.

Wooden and Brass Crafts

Crafts made with brass, onyx, and wood are maintaining the prideful tradition of Pakistani handicrafts since 1994. The remarkable allure lies in the hands of our passionate and skilled artisans who perfectly know carving the wood and metal. These elegant items are made in rural areas by the great craftsmen. Crafts, including metal lanterns, mirror frames, and many other decoration items can be easily purchased at Online stores like SF as well as in the markets.

Sindhi Topi and Ajrak

Wearing Sindhi topi is a culture in Sindh, Siraiki, and Balochi people who also follow this culture in Pakistan. The cap has a cylindrical shape, but a small part of it is trimmed to expose the forehead, its embroidered with beautiful cultural designs and small mirror pieces. Whereas Ajrak is an exceptional block print on shawls and tiles used in the Sindhi culture. These are widely used in Southern Punjab and Kutch. Ajrak comprises both popular and unpopular colors along with unique patterns and designs that make it stand out in other market products.

SF and Handicrafts

Sakafat Forever has always tried putting its best into preserving the culture. Traditional arts and crafts thus hold a considerable acceptance in modern society and are also highly in trend. This pottery is considered as a sign of elegance and royalty that’ll help you make your decors even more charming and beautiful. SF has collaborated with several passionate and skillful artisans. Who craft fantastic pottery and other handicrafts with a high-end definition to serve you with the best products online. SF website offers you with a variety of blue pottery products that you need to have. We make sure to deliver these fragile products safely at your doorstep in 5-7 working days.

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