Sheherezade Alam

Sheherezade Alam

Lahore-born in 1948, Shereherezada Alam is an internationally renowned ceramicist of Pakistan. She created world renowned pottery and ceramics art pieces in different global styles including Chinese, Italian, English, Greek, Turkish, Scandinavian and many others. Alam believes clay chose her, so that the earth can dance in her hands and her work relocates, reflects and preserve the continuity of disappearing, meaning she conserves the human history through her art, which then lives forever.

After completing her intermediate education in Philosophy, European and French History from Kinnaird College, She got her Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree from National College of Arts with distinction in ceramics and minor printmaking and then she went on to complete her Post Graduate Studies in Design from West Surrey College of Arts and Design from U.K in 1984. Since then she has taught and worked as professional artist in different institution and organizations in Turkey, Scotland, Canada and Pakistan.

Being a great artist, Ms. Alam has infused different pottery styles, genres, ancient civilizations and modern traditions in her work. Her work reflects the history of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and Mehargarh cities of Indus Valley Civilization, shows the crafting style of China, and depicts the work done in modern techniques and technology. Over the years, she has experimented and worked with huge variety of glazes and clays, firing process, ceramic production with firing, dry finishes, crackle, bronze slips and crystalline glazes. Through her work, the great artist takes you to corridors of ancient societies, where time still stands, she tells you the stories of different cultures shaped through her fingers, she takes you to different parts of the world through her creations, she revives memories of your childhood by her 90s-themed work and most importantly, her pottery is not a mere piece rather it’s a tradition, a culture, forgotten times, thriving norms and soil-rich history, in short, she takes you to a majestic journey bouncing through time and space.

In last five decades, Ms. Alam has exhibited her work throughout the world. Some of her major exhibitions and works include her first creation in Lahore in 1970 on clay and metal pots, Multani Blue Pottery exhibition in USA in 1990, 1998 Subhanallah pot work in Canada, Celebrating lives of 150 Russian Children, the Laali exposition in Lahore in 2004, Mehargarh-inspired artifacts show in 2004, Earth-Water-Fire show celebrating Indus Valley Civilization in 2008, China Chinoiserie exhibition in 2013 and Studio 90 Collection show in 2016.

The work of this artisan shows that the art of pottery and ceramics is alive and thriving. This centuries’ old ancient art is not here to vanish in pages of history rather it is here to stay, to tell the stories of the soil, to reveal the countless shapes this earth holds, to tell about the craftsmen who pioneered and keep this art alive, Ms Alam’s art is art of soul and heart of this earth and human beings living on it. The artisanship of maestro is what Sakafat represents as both are a depiction of culture of this country.

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