Seminar at Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industries

*BACP Conducts Seminar – How to Do Safe Business with Russia*

A bilateral trade collaboration between Pakistan & Russia has rich prospects to open new avenues & trade corridors to enhance business opportunities.

BACP (Business Association for Cooperation with Pakistan) conducted an event on Monday, 10th March 2020, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, titled “How To Do Safe Business With Russia.” This seminar was organized in Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industries.

A noticeable number of businessmen, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors attended the seminar. The attendees keenly participated in the seminar cum inter-active session. In the aftermath of resolution of the Pak-Russia Trade Dispute, it has been the right step by BACP to make earnest efforts for enhancement of bilateral between both the countries. The seminar is expected to quell the misconceptions and to open the doors for tremendous business opportunities in the region.

It is the very first time that this type of significant event is being organized to develop a secure link and trade possibilities between the countries.

Mr Jawad Rehman and Ms Medina Tavitova, the two experienced speakers, started the event with their prestigious speeches. They briefed on how to strengthen business ties and how to do safe business with Russia. They also highlighted the common grounds and steps to overcome impediments, if any, for those engaging in business with Russia for the first time. Mr Rehman also introduced BACP to the guests.

Interestingly, the business sector in Pakistan and Russia has vast potential with enormous opportunities. The same was discussed during the seminar and explored for the profitable way forward. For young entrepreneurs & business people from both the countries, this corridor opens new windows to grow and develop trade.

Membership of BACP was also introduced which features benefits and facilities for the members.

As part of the series, the seminars are also being conducted on 11, 12, 14 & 17 March, 2020 in Lahore (LCCI), Faisalabad (FCCI), Multan (MCCI) and Sialkot (SCCI) respectively.

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