On November 9, 2019 Mr Imran Khan – Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated Dera Sahib Kartarpur and Kartarpur Corridor to coincide with the 550th Birth Anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji – the Founder of Sikh religion. The ceremony organized by Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (RA&IH) was attended by Governor Punjab, Ministers, Advisors & Members Parliament from Pakistan, Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu (Kartarpur Man of the Match), Mr Manmohan Singh ex PM of India, Capt Amrinder Singh – CM Indian Punjab, Mr Sunny Deol – MP (BJP) & Actor etc and other foreign dignitaries. PM Imran Khan, FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi,  Mr Noor Ul Haq Qadri – Minister RA&IH and  Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu made speeches while Senator Faisal Javed managed the stage. The plight of Kashmiris in IOK at the hands of Indian Forces & unmoved approach of Indian Government under BJP was firmly highlighted and resolution of the issue advocated by FM Qureshi  and PM Imran Khan respectively in their address at Dera Sahib Kartarpur.

Dera Sahib Kartarpur built in 1539 and located in Narowal District, Punjab about 4 kilometers from India’s border is revered by the Sikh community being the last resting place of their founder. The Gurdwara is, now, the largest in the world. Previously covering an area of          4 acres,  it has been expanded & constructed over 42 acres in a short span of one year and is a marvel.  And at one time, food can be served to 2000-2500 persons. Such is the grandeur of Dera Sahib Kartarpur.

The Sikh Community; world over; had long been longing to visit it being one of the holiest site. In August 2018, Government of Pakistan announced to open Kartarpur Corridor as an enduring measure of peace to promote inter-faith harmony and bring to fruitation the dream of Sikhs. The initiative and the gesture of good-will is being hailed and acknowledged by almost 140 Million Sikhs from all over the world. A commemorative Coin and postage stamp of Rs 550 denomination respectively have also been issued by Government of Pakistan on the occassion.

Team Sakafat Forever (SF) comprising of Mr Bilal Mustafa, Mr Moeez ur Rehman, Mr Qaiser Mehmood and Mr Fazle Qadir (Founder Members) reached Dera Sahib Kartarpur around 0930 hours to attend the historic event and stayed there till 1730 hours i.e. till completion of the eventful ceremony. This was team SF’s second visit to Dera Sahib Kartarpur. Earlier during March 2019, Team SF had visited Dera Sahib Kartarpur while its expansion work was in early stages of commencement. Team SF has been regularly following the developments of this epic project of religious freedom and Interfaith Harmony.

Team SF was pleasingly thrilled to experience the euphoria of vast number of Sikh Yatrees; visiting from almost 68 countries; at Dera Sahib Kartarpur. Team SF mingled with a multitude of emotionally joyous Yatrees who were all praise for the unprecedented kindness from the people and Government of Pakistan.  The interactions of Team SF with Sikh Yatrees were overwhelming due to fulfilling of Yatrees’ lifelong dream by according them an opportunity to bow at Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s final resting place. Team SF also presented souvenirs to a few families as a gesture of goodwill and Team SF’s generosity was acknowledged Sikh Yatrees. Mr Bilal Mustafa from Team SF expertly captured memorable moments with Sikh Yatrees through camera’s lens.

Opening of Kartarpur Corridor is an earnest step by the Government of Pakistan to serve the humanity and to protect the religious freedom of minorities in line with the teachings of Islam & Constitution of Pakistan. This shall certainly promote religious tourism, inter faith harmony and add to the local economic activity.

Team SF calls on the world to come visit Pakistan at the earliest to experience it yourself!

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